Smart+ Work Relax

Work. Life. Whatever.

Smart light changes your room‘s mood as you change yours.

Smart+ Urban lifestyle

Your light in your mood

Light up your home individually and flexibly according to your current mood

In the past it used to be "light on - light off". This seems to be decades away, because with SMART+ you can now adapt your light completely to your mood at any time. Continuously from cozy warm white to activating cold white. On request individually in every room. By smartphone or mobile switch. Forget your conventional light switch from now on.

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The light switch is always there

Working, cozy mood or party: You decide with one click

Fixed light switches are 90s. With the SMART+ Switch you always have your multitaster directly where you are. In seconds you can change the mood in your home completely by using eight programmable light scenes. Smart lighting control has never been easier. Create your personal mood with just one click.

Smart+ Young Professionals

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