ECG compatibility

Electronic transformers were all first developed for conventional halogen, fluorescent or compact fluorescent lamps and not for lamps with integrated electronic like LED lamps. Therefore, LEDVANCE is providing a list of electronic control gears (ECG) that have been tested and proven to be compatible with our range of LED lamps.

LED reflector lamps: compatibility with ECGs

Filename Kind Size Date
ET Compatibility PARATHOM_AR111 + MR11 PDF File 363 KB 23.02.2021
ET Compatibility PARATHOM_MR16 PDF File 358 KB 23.02.2021
ET Compatibility PARATHOM+_MR16 GlowDim PDF File 704 KB 09.08.2019
Transformer PARATHOM advanced MR16 PDF File 594 KB 19.12.2018
ET Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 PDF File 396 KB 04.01.2019

LED tubes: compatibility with ECGs

LED special lamps: compatibility with ECGs

Filename Kind Size Date
Compatibility list Dulux LED PDF File 486 KB 31.03.2021
ET Compatibility PARATHOM PIN G4 + GY6.35 PDF File 1 MB 04.12.2020
ET Compatibility BASE PIN G4 PDF File 348 KB 23.02.2021
ECG Compatibility list for OSRAM DULUX LED lamps PDF File 263 KB 16.09.2020
ECG Compatibility DULUX LED Gen5 September 2021 PDF File 486 KB 13.09.2021
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