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Current assortment brochures

Filename Kind Size Date
The assortment at a glance - LEDVANCE LED luminaires PDF File 18 MB 27.11.2020
LEDVANCE BIOLUX – Human Centric Lighting – Daylight determines our quality of life PDF File 1 MB 06.11.2020
LED lamps brochure 2021/22 PDF File 5 MB 11.10.2021
LEDVANCE LED Strip System PDF File 8 MB 29.09.2020
LEDVANCE Spot DIM: Dimmer Compatibility PDF File 732 KB 13.12.2018

SMART for Residential

Filename Kind Size Date
SMART for Residential PDF File 3 MB 21.01.2020

LED tubes

Filename Kind Size Date
SubstiTUBE Highlight Flyer PDF File 3 MB 21.04.2021
Installation guide - SubstiTUBE T8 T5 PDF File 1 MB 10.05.2021
Notes on the operation of SubstiTUBE T8 EM/UN in compensated luminaires PDF File 124 KB 13.08.2019

EU Regulations

Filename Kind Size Date
LDV LAMPS Portfolio - SLR impact & Replacement Trade PDF File 47 KB 08.06.2021
Get ready for climate-friendly light with LEDVANCE - SLR/ELR brochure PDF File 3 MB 19.05.2021
SLR/ELR Pocket Guide PDF File 2 MB 07.05.2021
SLR/ELR FAQ PDF File 510 KB 21.05.2021

Lighting Solutions

Filename Kind Size Date
Projects Brochure PDF File 3 MB 30.04.2021
Hospital Lighting PDF File 7 MB 13.08.2020
Shop lighting PDF File 2 MB 30.06.2020
Hospitality lighting PDF File 3 MB 02.04.2020
Vertical Competence brochure PDF File 5 MB 22.06.2017
Car parks and basement garages lighting PDF File 1 MB 12.07.2018

LED lamps compatibility lists for dimmers

Filename Kind Size Date
Dimmer compatibility PAR16 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 385 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 419 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility PARATHOM R50 + R63 + R80 PDF File 367 KB 17.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility LINE R7s + PIN G9 + PIN G4 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 433 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility PARATHOM GlowDim PDF File 366 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility CL B PARATHOM DIM PDF File 416 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility CL A PARATHOM DIM PDF File 491 KB 18.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility MR11, MR16 PARATHOM DIM PDF File 447 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility VINTAGE 1906 CL EDISON + GLOBE PDF File 455 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility AR111 PARATHOM PRO PDF File 372 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility CL P PARATHOM DIM PDF File 493 KB 12.02.2021
Dimmer compatibility LEDinestra DIM PDF File 565 KB 29.10.2019
Dimmer compatibility PAR16 VALUE PDF File 755 KB 18.09.2018
Dimmer Compatibility PAR20 PAR30 PAR38 PARATHOM DIM APM PDF File 794 KB 12.10.2018
LED Performance Dim Bulb Gen2 PDF File 393 KB 18.12.2018
Dimmer Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 35&50 PDF File 862 KB 04.01.2019
Dimmer Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 50 PDF File 498 KB 04.01.2019
Dimmer Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 80 PDF File 424 KB 04.01.2019
Dimmer Compatibility LED PERFORMANCE FILAMENT GEN2 PDF File 398 KB 09.04.2019

LED reflector lamps: compatibility with ECGs

Filename Kind Size Date
ET Compatibility PARATHOM_AR111 + MR11 PDF File 363 KB 23.02.2021
ET Compatibility PARATHOM_MR16 PDF File 358 KB 23.02.2021
ET Compatibility PARATHOM+_MR16 GlowDim PDF File 704 KB 09.08.2019
Transformer PARATHOM advanced MR16 PDF File 594 KB 19.12.2018
ET Compatibility PERFORMANCE MR16 PDF File 396 KB 04.01.2019

LED tubes: compatibility with ECGs

LED special lamps: compatibility with ECGs

Filename Kind Size Date
Compatibility list Dulux LED PDF File 486 KB 31.03.2021
ET Compatibility PARATHOM PIN G4 + GY6.35 PDF File 1 MB 04.12.2020
ET Compatibility BASE PIN G4 PDF File 348 KB 23.02.2021
ECG Compatibility list for OSRAM DULUX LED lamps PDF File 263 KB 16.09.2020
ECG Compatibility DULUX LED Gen5 September 2021 PDF File 486 KB 13.09.2021

LED modules brochures

Filename Kind Size Date
LINEARlight Flex catalogue PDF File 84 MB 13.12.2018
LINEARlight Flex and Value Flex brochure PDF File 12 MB 13.12.2018
LINEARlight Flex Diffuse technical application guide PDF File 3 MB 13.12.2018
Flexessories LINEARlight poster - overview PDF File 6 MB 13.12.2018
PrevaLED Core and PrevaLED Core Z6 mini brochure PDF File 1 MB 13.12.2018

Edition 1906 brochures

Filename Kind Size Date
Edition 1906 Flyer PDF File 1 MB 13.12.2018

High pressure discharge lamps brochures

Filename Kind Size Date
POWERBALL HCI Excellence PDF File 940 KB 19.12.2018
POWRBALL HCI-ET/-TT SUPER 4Y PDF File 300 KB 20.05.2018
VIALOX NAV-E/-T SUPER 4Y PDF File 180 KB 06.02.2019
VIALOX NAV-E/-T SUPER 6Y PDF File 143 KB 06.02.2019

Light management systems

Filename Kind Size Date
Light Management Systems poster - overview PDF File 4 MB 13.12.2018
LUXeye brochure PDF File 2 MB 13.12.2018
DALI ACU BT and DALIeco BT brochure PDF File 2 MB 13.12.2018
DALI PCU brochure PDF File 2 MB 13.12.2018


Filename Kind Size Date
Optotronic drivers Overview PDF File 3 MB 13.12.2018
Outdoor dimming driver Flyer PDF File 5 MB 13.12.2018

Lighting program

Filename Kind Size Date
LEDVANCE Lighting program September 2018 PDF File 238 MB 04.10.2018
Lighting program operating manual PDF File 2 MB 10.09.2018

General information

Filename Kind Size Date
Guideline LED lamps PDF File 88 KB 09.09.2019
Technical application guide - IP codes in accordance with IEC 60529 PDF File 2 MB 29.05.2017
DALI standard and additional functions PDF File 5 MB 20.09.2018


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