LED Strips

Bad light makes you freeze?

Better switch to LEDVANCE LED strips.

The Ledvance LED Strip System

As flexible as your demands

Quality and functionality are what counts – day, day out. Our LED Strip System offers you exactly what you need to meet your various demands – uncomplicated and professional. A portfolio of matching electronic components covering an extremely wide variety of applications. All perfectly coordinated, flexible, reliable and easy to handle. A guarantee of up to five years and excellent customer service available at any time round off the package.

EC Wave 2


With white light colours from comfortably warm 2,700 kelvin to activating 6,500 kelvin as well as the dynamic new Tunable White, RGBW and RGB solutions, you have all the options for a wide variety of applications. Tunable White easily switches between activating work light and atmospheric warm light for relaxing. The colour-changing LED Strip versions provide modern accents in any ambience. This is how you can impress your customers.

Light color 2,700 Kelvin
2,700 Kelvin
Light color 4,000 Kelvin
4,000 Kelvin
Light color 6,500 Kelvin
6,500 Kelvin
EC Flex Strip red
EC Flex Strip green
EC Flex Strip blue

Your benefits

Plan. Combine. INstall.

Easy to plan

The LED Strip System Configurator leads you step by step to perfect results – it has never been easier to plan the quantities and types of components needed for your specific lighting job. And this also makes designing easier for you. The LEDVANCE LED Strip System is compatible with many components from other established providers.



Easy to combine

Everything from a single source, everything perfectly coordinated. The LEDVANCE LED Strip System comprises LED Strips, drivers, profiles and accessories. The modular design saves you valuable time on installation.

Easy to install

Prewired on both sides, with optimized strip lengths, easy and flexible shortening. The LEDVANCE LED Strip System meets your needs. Your work is done in no time.



Electronic components

The LEDVANCE LED Strip System contains all the components you need for your modern lighting tasks. LED Strips, profiles, covers and drivers in many different versions as well as high-quality accessories. The benefit for you is that you don’t have to spend time searching for specific components and making sure that they all match. Everything comes from a single source, matches perfectly and is easy to install.

High IP rating? No problem. Dimmable light? Possible at any time with the appropriate driver or lighting management system. And for complex dynamic lighting projects you can simply add the appropriate sensors. It has never been easier to impress your customers with optimum lighting solutions.

All the LED Strips from LEDVANCE are equipped with high-quality LEDs in the highest energy efficiency classes (A, A+ and A++). Energy efficiency class (EEC) on a scale from A++ (highest efficiency) to E (lowest efficiency).

Step by step to a customized solution

LED Strip System Configurator

The quick and intuitive LED Strip System Configurator makes it extremely easy to plan any lighting project. You can use this handy online tool to define lighting requirements, mounting type, accessories, operating mode and drivers step by step. At the end, you will receive a summary with all the necessary components and useful information about mounting and installation. Of course, you can save the results of your configuration for future use. It’s easy to get started.

LED Strip System Configurator



Your work involves everything from simple lighting tasks to the most complex and demanding – and it is precisely this bandwidth that is covered by LEDVANCE’s electronic components. Clear segmentation into Superior, Performance and Value classes helps you to find the right products quickly and reliably. So you can easily meet the needs of your customers – today and tomorrow.


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