LED Panels

LED Panels

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Product highlights


Technical data Panel IndiviLED Panel IP54 Panel Performance Panel Value
lm/W (max.) 120 120 120 90
lm (max.) 4.000 4.320 4.320 3.600
SDCM 3 3 3 5
UGR <16 <22 <22
Max. lifespan, L80/B10 and L70/B50 L80/B10, 60 000 h L80/B10, 60 000 h L80/B10, 60 000 h L70/B50, 50 000 h
Guarantee 5 years 5 years 5 years 3 years
IP IP40 IP54 IP40 IP20
IK IK08 IK03 IK03 IK03
Further characteristics SCALE Design with IndiviLED optics PMMA surface through-wiring possible with included tool-free connector box Standard

LED Panel luminaires

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Benefits for your projects

The LEDVANCE LED Panels are highly efficient replacements for traditional louvre luminaires with energy savings up to 50 % compared to the old lighting technology. The LED Panels are characterized by very homogenous light distribution, an advanced flexibility due to external non flickering driver (included) and a very slim aluminum housing and matt white frame.

Quick facts

Benefit highlights

  • Direct replacement for traditional louvre luminaires 600, 625 or 1,200
  • Very homogenous light, UGR<19 versions available in accordance with the Norm UNI-EN 12464-1
  • Easy and quick installation, advanced flexibility due to including non-flickering (≤5%) external driver
  • DALI versions available
  • Very slim housing (10.5 mm) and matt white frame
  • Different mounting accessories available


Recommended applications

  • Offices and conference rooms
  • Reception areas and foyers
  • Corridors and elevators

Savings in energy and costs over the entire lifetime*

Comparison Energy consumption Costs
Traditional equivalent
e. g. LUMILUX T8 L 18W/840
3,600 kWh 476.62 €
e. g. Panel LED 600
40W/4000K 230V
2,000 kWh 305.06 €
Savings –44,44 % –171.56 €

* Savings calculated based on lifetime of LEDVANCE LED luminaires including purchase price, maintenance and installation costs as well as energy costs of 0.12 EUR/kWh. Calculation of CO2 savings based on European electricity mix and 400 g CO2/kWh. Payback period assumes 7 hours of operation per day and 260 days per year.

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