Office lighting

Office lighting

Efficiency, function, concentration

Office lighting

Creating the right working light instantly offers benefits for companies in every sector and of every size. Lighting solutions that are well designed ergonomically enhance your employees’ concentration. Modern lighting concepts additionally ensure greater energy efficiency and reduce costs. More than one good reason to give sustainable lighting concepts the green light.

Lighting office buildings appears at first glance to be a mere matter of course. On closer observation, however, there are a variety of different requirements and scenarios that have to be taken into account. Different solutions are needed depending on the architecture, usage and area size. The scale of the scenarios is especially significant in this context: from workplace to conference room to foyer.

Customer benefits

High cost efficiency, attractive payback times

  • Short payback times for lighting systems
  • LED lighting and LMS lower energy consumption and cut energy costs
  • Comprehensive compliance with standards
  • Extensive warranties


Flexible und functional solutions

  • Groundbreaking lighting technologies and light management systems for workplace and general lighting
  • Lighting concepts tailored to requirements
  • Lighting solutions that can boost concentration and receptivity

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We optimize offices and workplaces with our lighting solutions, providing a pleasant working atmosphere and reducing energy and maintenance costs at the same time.


There is more to successfully working from home than having a desk and a laptop. With a well thought-out LED lighting plan, you can make your home office a comfortable space. You can even increase your concentration, as the right light makes you more alert and more efficient.

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