Case Study Siemens Campus Erlangen

Flexible lighting in the new Siemens Campus Erlangen


Project benefits at a glance

  • Adapted to the local conditions
    The customer's wish was to integrate the luminaires into the existing suspended ceiling construction.
  • Flexibly usable
    The lighting concept ensures flexibility and allows changes in room use or furniture arrangement at any time.
  • Intelligent lighting control
    The luminaires equipped with sensors react to the presence of the employees. Independent of the building management system, they switch the light on or off automatically as required. They provide a constant brightness of 500 lux throughout the room. In bright daylight, the lighting is dimmed by the system.

Project infos

  • Erlangen, Germany, 2020
  • Customer: Siemens Real Estate
  • Project: New equipment of office space in the new Siemens Campus Erlangen
  • Application: Open-plan offices, meeting rooms
  • Technology: LED Technology
  • Products: PANEL D/I 1200 UGR 19 DALI 36W (EAN 4058075144668), LINEAR IndiviLED DIRECT/INDIRECT DALI SENSOR 56 W (EAN 4058075110106)

LEDVANCE luminaires with clever lighting management ensure constant lighting quality and flexibility in the office.


When selecting luminaires for the Siemens Campus Erlangen, the already existing suspended ceiling surfaces were a particular challenge. The new luminaires were to be mounted between the panels on the ceiling in order to integrate them into the lighting design. In addition, Siemens wanted luminaires with daylight sensors and presence detectors and a uniform, bright room illumination, so that a flexible arrangement of the furniture in the room is possible.

LEDVANCE at the Siemens Campus Erlangen
LEDVANCE at the Siemens Campus Erlangen: Optimum lighting conditions at low operating costs.


For this project, two different LEDVANCE luminaires were selected, which offered the possibility of being hung from the ceiling in a suspended and flexible way. The luminaire LINEAR INDIVILED DIRECT/INDIRECT can be controlled via DALI and is equipped with sensors for presence and daylight detection. The PANEL DIRECT/INDIRECT luminaire, also operated with DALI control gear, impresses with its flat design and homogeneous light. With this lighting solution, the 500 lux light in the room required by the workplace ordinance is achieved across the board and the customer's wish for flexible use of space is fulfilled.


The selected luminaires score points for their high level of lighting comfort with direct/indirect beam characteristics, good glare control (UGR≤19) and their low maintenance requirements at low operating costs. A further advantage of the LEDVANCE solution is that sensors for presence and daylight detection are integrated directly into the luminaires. Independent of the building management system, they automatically detect whether the room is in use or not and switch the light on or off accordingly. In addition, the brightness is kept constant at 500 lux. In the event of strong daylight from outside, the system dims the luminaires as required - this saves energy and ensures uniform lighting comfort. Compared to conventional T5 technology, this combination can save up to 63% electricity.

The intelligently controllable pendant luminaires from LEDVANCE
The intelligently controllable pendant luminaires from LEDVANCE allow a flexible use of space.


The lighting solution from LEDVANCE at the Siemens Campus Erlangen provides ordinance-compliant, flexible and intelligent lighting in office spaces used for a variety of purposes. The luminaires were adapted to the existing architectural conditions and integrated into the existing ceiling concept.

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