Hospitality lighting

Hospitality lighting


Hospitality lighting

The hotel and hospitality trade relies on inviting light as an essential design element from the very first moment for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Innovative lighting concepts can also contribute decisively to offering your staff optimum working conditions and reducing energy costs: the savings potential can often be as much as 30 percent.

Well-being versus cost pressure: modern LED technology is being relied upon increasingly by hoteliers and the catering trade as a means of creating an inviting and pleasant atmosphere for guests and reducing power consumption at the same time. An atmospheric yet energy-efficient interior design can be created with our LED lighting solutions, which combine warm, ambient light with a long lifetime and extremely low energy costs.

Customer benefits

Experience comfort

  • Light as a feelgood factor for guests: harmonious combination of general and accent lighting
  • Multifunctional lighting for different purposes: living, working, sleeping
  • User-friendly: simple to operate, dimmable lighting


Saving energy, cutting costs

  • Our services – energy audits, lighting calculations and LED lighting (energy savings of up to 90% over halogen) – deliver fast payback and help meeting energy saving targets
  • Support in obtaining environmental certification

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The hospitality industry is becoming more and more demanding – it has to continuously meet more objectives and perform more jobs while always being individual and unique for its guests.

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