Healthcare lighting

Healthcare lighting

The perfect lighting in all situations – for patients and medical professionals

Healthcare lighting

Top-class lighting is absolutely imperative in healthcare. It can support doctors and therapists during treatments and promote the healing process in patients thanks to an increased sense of well-being. The more systematically good light is used by hospitals, doctors’ offices, retirement homes, nursing facilities and rehabilitation clinics, the greater the impact on the perception of patients.

The more natural the effect of artificial light, the greater the sense of well-being among patients, staff and relatives. The right light at the right time in the right place can be a critical competitive edge in a healthcare system characterized by acute cost awareness. Added to this are savings as a result of lower energy costs.

Customer benefits

Hospitals and medical practises

  • Function and wellbeing: always the perfect lighting for treatment and patient areas
  • LED lighting delivers long-life, smart, cost-efficient solutions


Retirement homes and rehab centers

  • Harmonious lighting improves visibility and orientation
  • Clear, glare-free lighting

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Rising costs, new technologies and treatment methods, patients with increasing demands, an elderly population – doctors' offices and the operators of hospitals and nursing homes must face these challenges. After all, the right light can be a critically important competitive factor!

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