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A well thought-out lighting plan for your outdoor area is important in many ways. With cool light you ensure safety around your house, whereas warm light creates a cosy, sociable mood in the garden – for example, during an outdoor celebration or get-together with family and friends. This requires a harmonious lighting plan. With or without embellishments, classic or modern: your house, your garden, your style. And with the latest LED technology, you can say goodbye to excessive electricity bills!

An overview of your LED

outdoor lighting plan:

Outdoor lighting

  • LED exterior wall luminaires are available as direct and indirect light. Wall or canopy-mounted outdoor lights not only illuminate patios with energy-saving LED lamps, but are also ideal for house entrances or driveways. Equipped with double light output, outdoor lighting accentuates your home beautifully. And thanks to adjustable heads, you can even deploy spot lighting.
  • LED pathway lights are available as lanterns, bollards or pedestal lights. They will illuminate and guide you down a path or drive. With outdoor lighting, your patio can be framed with money-saving LEDs or you can highlight your flowerbeds.
  • LED light chains are the ideal way of letting your lighting creativity run wild in your garden. The exterior lights not only accentuate your garden highlights, but also emit a pleasant glow.
  • LED floodlights have a very high luminous power and optimal light distribution. They can be ideal for garage lighting, for example.
  • With mobile LED outdoor lights, you are not dependent on mains power. You can therefore light up dark corners of the house and garden in an instant. Choose from outdoor lights powered by batteries or equipped with solar technology.

Simple outdoor light checklist – what does what?

Find the right lighting for every outdoor area:

  Exterior wall lights Pathway lights Light chains Floodlights Mobile outdoor lights
Security & guidance

Safe and sound:

smart outdoor LED lighting for your home

For atmospheric winter lighting, friendly garden parties and improved security: impress not only your guests, but also your neighbours! Smart LED outdoor lighting has a dimming function, adjustable colour temperatures from warm to daylight white and colour changes (RGBW), with everything flexibly controllable from inside and outside via an app or voice command.

Well-designed outdoor lighting is particularly important for you and your family’s safety. As a responsible home owner, you should eliminate any sources of danger, including trip hazards, on your property. A clever solution is outdoor lighting with daylight sensors and motion detectors.

Another important aspect of smart outdoor lighting: protection against burglars. Because one thing is certain: light deters thieves. With clever Smart Home solutions, you can protect your home and garden using the latest technology and save energy at the same time.

Outdoor lighting

Clear and concise

your questions answered

1. Which colour temperature should I choose for outdoor lighting?

Warm white outdoor lighting with a colour temperature up to 3,300 Kelvin produces cosy light – such as outdoor lighting for a patio and garden. For sufficient brightness and safety, neutral white exterior lighting provides between 3,300 and 5,300 Kelvin – ideal for house entrances.

2. What brightness should my outdoor lighting have?

400 to 600 lumens are enough for pleasant outdoor lighting. For a powerful outdoor spotlight, you should choose more than 1,000 lumens.

3. Which lightbulbs are suitable for outdoor lighting?

LED bulbs are highly recommended for outdoor lighting. They score well on energy-saving and usually have a long life.

4. What do I need to know about IP ratings?

Outdoor lights should at least conform to IP44. If lights are exposed to strong jets of water, such as through a lawn sprinkler, a minimum of IP65 is required.

Sit back and unwind:

LED exterior lighting for relaxed evenings

Outdoor lighting

On balmy summer evenings, twilight brings friends together in a convivial atmosphere. Extending the evening on the patio with atmospheric light and enveloping your garden in decorative light would be perfect. Make your plan a complete success by following these tips:

  • With individual spots, you can illuminate decorative details in your garden and accentuate enchanting highlights. For example, you can illuminate individual plants with green light. Promote that holiday feeling!
  • Lanterns and exterior wall lights in a consistent design surround your patio and create a harmonious look.
  • With dimmable lights, you can immediately create more brightness, eg on the patio while barbequing and eating.
  • Indirect lighting plans with LED strip lights and spotlights make your sitting area a cosy place.
  • With modern floor lights, you create additional islands of light for an even more atmospheric mood.

Whether outdoor lighting in anthracite, white, grey or in any other favourite colour, create your individual outdoor lighting plan and bring energy-saving LED exterior lighting home!

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