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The living room is the place to feel good. We spend relaxing hours after work in the lounge or sit together with friends at the weekend. Living room lighting should be designed to be flexible. With a modern LED lighting plan, you can let your creative lighting ideas become reality. And best of all: you also save energy when relaxing with LEDs.

Important elements

for your living room lighting

Living room lighting

Here are the most important lights for your living room illumination:

  • Ceiling lighting for the bright illumination of the entire room
  • Atmospheric backlighting such as floor lamps, pendant lights, wall lights or LED strips
  • Decorative accent lighting for precise illumination of specific areas by downlighters/LED spots
  • Working light for targeted brightness, for example, for reading or puzzle solving on the sofa

It's all in the mix

LED light sources for comfortable living

So that you can illuminate the whole lounge if necessary, you should use an LED ceiling light in the living room. This can be a single panel with several integrated lights, multiple spotlights that you strategically adjust, or a classic hanging light. In a large or L-shaped living room, individual spots integrated in the ceiling are a good choice. They ensure optimal illumination of the entire room.

Tip: With dimmable LED lights, you can adjust the brightness as you wish.

In the evening the large ceiling light usually remains off. The lighting in the living room is now focused on comfort. Low hanging pendant lights over a sideboard, a floor lamp in the corner and a decorative table lamp on the side table next to the sofa provide warm light. Use a graceful round table or a small sideboard to make an empty corner of the living room a decorative island of light, for example with an illuminated figurine. Do you have pictures or paintings on the wall? Attach a light above or below the picture to subtly illuminate it in the evening.

When planning, pay particular attention to the number of sockets in the living room. If necessary, use battery-operated lights or extension leads that you can discreetly hide behind furniture.

Living room lighting

Clear and concise

your questions answered

1. How many lumens should living room lighting have?

As the lounge is mainly used for relaxation, living room lighting should not be too bright. We recommend 100 lumens per square metre. So if your living room is 20 square metres, you need a total of 2,000 lumens. For example, the central ceiling light can contribute 730 lumens (equivalent to a conventional 60-watt bulb), while indirect backlight luminaires provide 100-200 lumens each.

2. What colour temperature is best for living room lights?

Warm white light between 2,700 and 3,300 Kelvin is considered to be particularly pleasant in the lounge.

Stretch out:

LED living room lighting to relax in

Living room lighting

Thanks to modern LED lights, you can let your lighting creativity run free in the living room. Here are some suggestions to achieve your ideal environment:

  • With LED strips that run along shelves or sideboards and change their colour, you can create an ever-changing mood: soothing green, invigorating orange or seductive red ... and all controllable via an app or by remote control.
  • Individual spots draw attention to individual decorative items such as an antique floor vase or the wood carvings you brought back from your African holiday
  • Dimmable wall lights or corner spotlights provide perfectly co-ordinated backlight.
  • Decorate sideboards, shelves and windowsills with LED candles, light trees or light globes with dozens of tiny LED lights.
  • Smart living room lighting can be easily controlled from the sofa via an app or by voice command. Impress your guests by bathing the whole living room in a dim red or by activating the backlights on the walls with just a few words!

Start planning your living room lighting right now with a mix and match selection of different LED lamps and other bulbs!

Suitable products for your living room lighting

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