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Tips for ingenious LED hallway lighting

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The hallway is a challenge in terms of optimal lighting. It is often quite narrow, with no natural daylight. With the right luminaires, a hall doesn’t only look bright and inviting, but also larger. In addition, efficient corridor lighting is important for safety. To put your hallway in the right light, it is best to include different LED light sources. Thanks to money-saving bulbs, you will soon be welcoming the next nice surprise – your electricity bill.

Ideal elements

for your hallway lighting

Hallway lighting

Ideally, your corridor lighting should include the following elements:

  • Well thought-out general lighting makes sense to illuminate the hallway properly. Small recessed lights or spots in the ceiling are ideal for long corridors: they should be distributed so that the corridor is evenly lit. In a square entrance, a single ceiling light is ideal for the hall. Depending on your personal style, this can be sleek modern spotlights or a dramatic crystal chandelier.
  • A wall light provides additional light near coat hooks.
  • The hallway does not always have to be completely lit. If you want to make it easier for guests to find their way around the house, or simply suggest someone is home, you can choose targeted accent lighting such as LED stripes running along the skirting boards or individual downlights, for example.
  • Functional lights with motion detectors are real energy-saving wonders. If someone enters the hallway, the lighting in the hall will automatically switch on and turn off again after a few minutes.
  • Battery-powered lights are ideal for corridors with few or no power sockets. They can also be used as decoration in a cabinet.

Quick check list

which lighting plan for which shape of hallway?

Find the optimal lighting for every hallway: in older properties with high walls, for example, a pendant lamp in the hall looks perfect, while in a low ceiling hallway, it is slightly oppressive. This checklist helps you to choose:

Hallway shape \
Long and narrow Square High ceilings No daylight
Ceiling spotlights  
Wall lights  
LED strips
Table lamps on side tables  
Pendant lamps    

Arrive home safely

thanks to smart lighting for hallways

LED lamps with motion detectors ensure your safety when you leave the house or come home in the dark. However, stairs are often forgotten. These too must be properly lit to reduce tripping hazards. And, as the name suggests, the SMART security solution is pretty clever: network your SMART+ hallway lighting via an app on your smartphone. If you are stuck in traffic on your way home, or decide last minute to go out with friends after work, you can activate the LED lighting in the hallway and other rooms via the app – and therefore appear to be at home.

Hallway lighting with SMART+

Clear and concise

your questions answered

1. What light intensity and temperature are best for hall lighting?

Ideally, you should use two different light colours: normal white (from 3,300 Kelvin) provides the brightness needed to get you going on dark winter mornings, and is suitable for ceiling lighting. The light intensity should be at least 100 lumens. For a winding staircase, 150 lumens are better so you can clearly see where you are going.

2. What type of lights do I use in a hallway?

LED is the head of the pack. Not only do LED lights have a particularly long life, they also work very energy-efficiently. You do not need to worry about replacing recessed lights and other bulbs for several years.

Come on in

tips for inviting LED hallway lighting

SMART+ strip lights

LED lights offer creative ways to illuminate your favourite elements of a hallway. Here are some ideas for particularly atmospheric hallway lighting:

  • LED table lamp on an occasional table or sideboard
  • Downlighters on the wall
  • Spots on stairs
  • LED strip lights with changing colours over a mirror (controlled via an app or by remote control), or along the wall
  • Indirect lighting with spots for pictures or indoor plants
  • Mirrors and light make small and narrow corridors seem larger

Let the light in: choose the right LED, energy-saving bulbs for your hallway and create your individual plan for corridor lighting!

Suitable products for your hallway lighting

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