Dining room lighting

Tasteful light

tips for LED lighting in your dining room

The dining room is the place where you enjoy a meal with your family and entertain your friends. The lighting in the room is a key factor in making your guests feel comfortable. With innovative lighting you can create an atmospheric mood anytime. And thanks to money-saving LEDs, your next electricity bill will certainly be to your taste.

A well thought-out lighting plan has the following important elements:

  • Area light: lighting above the dining table.
  • Orientation and general light: a bright light that illuminates the whole room.
  • Atmospheric detail: an atmospheric backlight for the room.

A taste of elegance

LED lighting for dining tables

Your guests should not sit in the dark during a leisurely meal, but an overly bright dining room does not create the right atmosphere. The central element of dining room lighting is therefore a low-hanging pendulum or suspension light. Some tips for installation:

  • The light must complement the size of the table so that the whole table is evenly lit.
  • Hang the light at the correct height so as to only illuminate the table. About 60 cm above the table is ideal.
  • Make sure that the light does not get in the way when passing food around and that guests don’t bump their heads on it.

If you have opted for a glass table or a highly reflective high gloss table, a low hanging lamp can be a problem. In this instance, use either indirect light or use a table cloth when dining. LED spotlights integrated in the ceiling are a great idea: they distribute light evenly and do not take up space.

Dining room lighting

Clear and concise

your questions answered...

1. Which colour temperature is suitable for the dining table?

Warm white to golden light up to 2,700 Kelvin is ideal for a welcoming ambience. If the light is too bright, food can appear washed out.

2. How many lumens are needed for adequate brightness in the dining room?

For LEDs, 470 lumens (40 watts) or 806 lumens (60 watts) are great choices to put your food in the right light. Our advice: choose dimmable lights. While eating, the light can be slightly brighter. If the conversation continues after the meal, turn the lights down a bit to promote a convivial atmosphere.

Having friends round?

Dining room lighting tips for sociable evenings

Atmospheric dining room lighting

The space surrounding the table should not be pitch black during a meal. Charming islands of light, which you can spread around the dining room, are an ideal solution. Here are some examples of subtle light sources:

  • LED strip lights that run along a shelf or picture. The smart lights can be easily controlled via an app from the table and change colour, suffusing the room with an atmospheric light.
  • LED candles on the windowsill and on other furniture such as dressers and sideboards create a cosy atmosphere.
  • An illuminated display cabinet with LED spots or strips inside creates a decorative highlight.
  • With clip-on spotlights, you can illuminate your pictures and prints.
  • An illuminated globe with dozens of tiny LED lights on the table is a tasteful highlight.
  • Don’t forget seasonal lighting: an LED candle bridge on the windowsill in the run-up to Christmas or a hollowed-out Halloween pumpkin with LEDs in the autumn will create a seasonal atmosphere.

Serve up your own personal plan for successful dining room lighting using innovative LED lighting options! Food and drink never looked so good.

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