Bedroom lighting

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The bedroom is a space in which to relax and rest. Light plays an important role in this. With a well thought-out LED lighting plan, you ensure the right light in the right places and envelop your realm of dreams in a snug atmosphere. And you certainly will not have nightmares about your next electricity bill; the latest LED technology is a highly versatile lighting solution that is also very economical.

Important elements

for your bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting

Build your plan on these three pillars:

  • Basic lighting is required so that you can get dressed in optimal lighting on dark winter mornings or in the evening, and never miss anything when you are tidying up.
  • Area lighting – such on the bed. Don’t forget to include directed light for reading.
  • Indirect lighting around the bed in your bedroom creates a cosy atmosphere: ideal for a romantic time to yourselves. Ideally, you should use multiple light sources on wardrobes, dressers or shelves or, alternatively, wall lights.

Gently start the day

with LED lighting in the bedroom

A new day in the bedroom and we often start the morning in the dark and return in the evening after sunset. Bright basic lighting helps you get going in the morning and provides sufficient light in the evening to help you prepare for a big night out. For new-builds, LED lighting in the bedroom ceiling is ideal: distribute individual spots over the entire low ceiling to illuminate the room evenly. Pendant lights are more suitable for higher ceilings.

Our advice: You can achieve a nice effect with a diffuser, which scatters the light from a ceiling lamp in a star-shape over the entire ceiling.

What to do with a sloping roof?

Thanks to LED in the bedroom, lighting a sloping roof has become child's play. You can install individual spots in the sloping roof, or hang a narrow light rail where the sloping roof meets the flat ceiling. In long, rather narrow attic rooms, several pendant luminaires next to each other go together very well: they visually separate the bed from the rest of the bedroom.

See what is in your wardrobe every time

Additional lighting in the bedroom wardrobe is a practical idea: Often, the light from the ceiling lights falls on you from behind, so that your shadow obscures the contents of your wardrobe. Lighting via a motion detector is an ideal solution: the light switches on and off automatically when the wardrobe door is opened and closed.

Bedroom lighting

Clear and concise

your questions answered

1. What colour temperature is perfect for bedrooms?

Warm white light at 2,700 Kelvin is ideal for comfortable bedroom lighting.

2. How many lumens should bedroom lighting have?

Ceiling spots should illuminate easily with bright light. Plan around 730 lumen, which is equivalent to the conventional 60 watt bulb. The bedside lamp should have 350-400 lumens, so you can easily read in bed.

Now get cosy:

LED bedroom lighting to fall asleep to

No matter whether you want to spend some quiet alone time in the bedroom or plan a romantic few hours for two, atmospheric bedroom lighting provides the perfect ambience. Here are some of the best tips for creating a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom:

  • Along the bedroom wall, use indirect lighting in the form of floor spots that radiate upwards or wall lights that radiate downwards.
  • LED strips on the headboard, along the sides of the bed or under a shelf conjure up illuminating lighting effects – via an app or by remote control.
  • Small bedside lights provide enough light to read by. If they are adjustable, you can also direct the light to the corner of the room.
  • Do you like to gaze at the stars with your loved one? Then starry sky lighting in the bedroom is a wonderfully romantic idea.
  • Fill an empty corner with a floor lamp that subtly illuminates this area of the room.
  • Controlling the bedroom lighting via smartphone or voice command is so easy: just say the word and wall lights can be dimmed or switched off completely when you want to sleep.

Look forward to sweet dreams with tastefully designed bedroom lighting and search online for the right LED bulbs for your lighting plan!

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