LED panels - ultra-flat and ultra-modern

LED panels - ultra-flat and ultra-modern

PLANON Frameless

PLANON Frameless

Prestigious light panels in fully frameless design

Head and heart

Are you looking for energy-efficient solutions for your lighting problems? Do you have a preference for plain and simple? Do you want absolute freedom when it comes to combining several luminaire elements? PLANON Frameless offers uncompromisingly clear design. The differently sized squares and rectangles can be installed on walls and ceilings and combined to form small lighting masterpieces.

Whether pure warm light or controllable color temperature, your new Frameless luminaires combine LED efficiency with modern beauty. A clear edge for your living environment.

  • Aesthetic living room lighting
  • For easy wall and ceiling installation
  • White metal housing and diffuser made from frosted PMMA
  • Available in different edge lengths, square and rectangular in shape
  • In addition to the warm white variant (3,000 K), also variants with controllable color temperature (3,000–5,000 K and RGB)



Truly exceptional in all facets: round light panels

Exceptional. Versatile. Modern.

Whether you make rational decisions in the cool light of the day in your home office or recharge your batteries with friends in the warm evening light – the different color temperatures of the PLANON ROUND provide the right light for both. Warm white or neutral white, the choice is yours.

Combine the differently sized round luminaires on the wall and ceiling to suit your needs. Accentuate the elements like objects of art or position them individually in order to set accents in your life.

  • Round LED panels with 400 or 600 mm diameter
  • Light colors 3,000 or 4,000 K
  • Complete mounting and connecting accessories included
  • 3-year guarantee

Planon Pure 60x60 cold white

PLANON PURE Recessed Ceiling Panels

Recessed panels with uniform light

Flat. Flexible. Fantastic light.

You want the best possible radiance but the luminaire should not be the focus of attention. You need a recessed solution with low installation height but are not willing to compromise on quality or energy efficiency. Then the PLANON PURE recessed ceiling panels are the ideal solution for you.

PLANON PURE comes in six different sizes and thanks to its ease of installation can be combined as required, allowing you to create your own lighting design.

  • Housing: White
  • Diffusor: Frosted polycarbonate
  • Puristic design
  • Highly uniform light
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Complete mounting and connecting accessories included


PLANON PLUS Mounted Ceiling Panels

Very flat LED surface-mounted luminaires with unique and simple assembly

Controllable freedom

The PLANON PLUS models allow you to choose the best sized luminaire to suit the dimensions of your living space. The square model in a size of 60x60 cm and the rectangular model in a size of 30x120 cm can be controlled remotely. Cozy hours on the sofa at the press of a button. Bright light when vacuum cleaning? Not a problem!

Installation is child's play even if you are on your own, so there is no need to round up your friends to help. There's absolutely nothing childish about the technology itself, however, rather it is state of the art – durable and energy-efficient with excellent light quality at the same time.

  • Housing: White
  • Diffusor: Frosted polycarbonate
  • Elegant and sleek design with extremely homogeneous illumination
  • Also available as CCT-DIM
  • Remote control for operating up to 4 panels with CCT-DIM functionality (2700 – 6500 K)
  • Mounting requires only one person and is very quick and easy
  • Included: Pre-assembled mounting kit, screws, dowels, remote incl. batteries (only remote control types)

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