Battery-powered outdoor luminaires

Battery-powered outdoor luminaires

Battery LED Spotlight

Battery LED Spotlight

Outdoor floodlights with single or double luminaire head

No more lurking in the shadows

Would you like better security for your home but you don't have a power point outside? Not a problem with the Battery LED Spotlight. The motion sensor activates when it detects movement within seven meters of the luminaire. The Spotlight is rounded off by features such as ease of installation and robust plastic housing.

  • With one (270 lm) or two (480 lm) luminaire heads
  • Battery operated (4 × D-batteries, not included)
  • Adjustable luminaire head
  • Battery lifetime of 6 months (for one luminaire head) or 12 months (for two luminaire heads) if the sensor is triggered five times per day (for 20 seconds in each case)
  • Color temperature 4,000 K
  • IP54 protection rating
  • Simple installation

DoorLED Solar

DoorLED Solar

Off-grid outdoor solar luminaires

Let the sunshine in!

Would you like a light at your front door but you don't have a power point outside? The DoorLED Solar gives you total autonomy from the mains supply since it recharges its battery during the day and remains continually dimmed at night time until someone activates the sensor. The Solar then shines on full power for thirty seconds.

  • Charge time of 7 hours
  • Operating lifespan up to 20 hours
  • Sensor range of 4 m
  • IP44 protection rating
  • Simple to install
  • Housing made from plastic in white or silver

DoorLED Down

DoorLED Down

Battery-powered welcome lights with sensor control

Small light, big impact

The DoorLED Down welcomes you and all other night owls with a powerful cold white light. It is easy to install and thanks to the day/night and motion sensor only illuminates when needed. Enhanced security for door and gate.

  • Housing: White/silver
  • Diffusor: Frosted polycarbonate
  • Suitable for outdoor use (IP54)
  • Day-night and motion sensor
  • Can be mounted quickly and simply on practically all surfaces (adhesive tape/screws)
  • Batteries included

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