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10 alternative uses for LEDs

Sometimes it’s good to think outside the LED lamp box. Alongside the standard uses, for example in homes or businesses, there are many other ways to use LED lamps. Some you may never have considered. Would you light up your prom outfit to make a dramatic entrance? Or how about an accessory for your pet? Here we bring you 10 fun and alternative ideas.

Skateboards, bikes or surfboards

Increasing safety, but mostly style, LEDs can add a little something extra to an evening surf or a late night skate. Lighting up your wheels, board or edges, they decrease the risk of losing your equipment (or your friends) in the dark. Not to mention they look great in videos. For those trying surfing, why not combine with an LED wetsuit?

Illuminated wine racks

Never know which wine to choose? This idea could help shed some light. Producing no heat or UV radiation that can degrade stable organic compounds in wine, LED wine racks are particularly useful for those with a collection in the cellar. Coming in different artistic designs, you can decide on whether to light the shelves or the bottles themselves.

LED dog collars

Light emitting dog? It’s never been easier to keep an eye on your pet on early morning or evening walks. These collars also mean drivers are more likely to spot animals should they walk out into the road. Furthermore, as the collars can be seen from great distances, they are highly useful for working animals, particularly rescue dogs.

Glowing plant pots

LEDs provide many diverse ways to jazz up your garden, from illuminated parasols for your table to lit-up containers for your plants. Available in different shapes and sizes, LED plant pots also come in a range of colors. If you’re feeling more experimental, you could also try plant pots that continually change color.

LED showerheads

Powered by running water, LED lamps for the shower are primarily a design feature, however they can also be used to provide information. LED showerheads can have temperature sensors built into them to indicate when the water is at a safe temperature to use. Red light (and water) means it is too hot, for example. Fun for adults and children alike, this option is great for those who like to sing in the shower. Purple rain anyone?

LED showerheads

LED doormats

Welcome your guests with a sparkling doormat or a message written in LED lamps. Complete with built-in sensors, the mats light up when someone approaches your door. Crush-proof, waterproof and highly durable, these mats even come in Halloween and Christmas specials.


The lighting on the wall? It could be with this interior design feature. Once installed, it will never have been easier to change the look of a room – simply try out new color schemes with the click of a button. Such an idea is particularly useful for the hospitality industry, making it possible to create different vibes for lunch, dinner or late-night drinks.

Prom outfit

In 2016, Hollywood actress Claire Danes turned heads with her Met Gala gown. Her high-tech outfit shimmered with fiber optics – making her, quite literally, stand out on the red carpet. Want to feel like star? With small LED fairy lights, a small battery pack and a bit of sewing, you can. As LEDs are compact and don’t emit heat, they can become the ultimate accessory. And for guys? Why not add LEDs to the lapel of your jacket or to your corsage?

Toilet seats

How about these? Illuminated toilet seats are certainly easy to spot if you have to get up in the middle of the night. You’ll no longer have to turn on the lights and disturb others. LED toilet seats come in different designs, from night scenes to fish tanks.

LED balloons

Speaking of celebrations, these are a must-have party piece. LED balloons combine decoration with lighting, and are guaranteed to be a talking point. Due to their small size and lack of heat, LEDs can easily be added to the inside of ordinary balloons. Flashing lamps or different colors add a disco feeling!

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