Amazon Echo Plus with Ledvance Smart+

Amazon Echo has already moved into countless households. Now Echo Plus has started to follow. With SMART+ as a partner at her side. You can address the integrated voice-powered assistant Alexa and control your individual lighting by voice. Find out how this works and revolutionize your home lighting.

Put this idea out there a couple of decades ago and people may have laughed at you: in disbelief. The thought of talking to your household gadgets may have seemed far-fetched or too futuristic to take seriously. However, today such an idea is a reality – and increasingly popular.

Speak your light!

Control your home lighting via voice.

You can control SMART+ products via Alexa. The only thing you need in addition is a smart lighting gateway. Connect the gateway to Amazon Echo. And connect the SMART+ products wireless with the gateway.

And soon you can start. Say: “Alexa, dim the light” – and there you have it. Thanks to Alexa, you may never again have to get off the sofa or out of your warm bed to adjust the lighting. Sounds like a great roommate to us!

Amazon Echo

Smart+ Amazon Echo Plus

Even easier: Echo Plus meets SMART+

It does not get any easier: Just say: "Alexa, discover my devices“ and our SMART+ products connect automatically via Zigbee with the Echo Plus! Without any gateway you can control now fascinating lighting features with all SMART+ lamps and luminaires. The features: on/off, full dimming, color change and color temperature.

Amazon Echo Dot with Smart+

SMART+ with Echo Dot

Full functionality

The third smart voice control device from Amazon is the Echo Dot. With our SMART+ product portfolio you have the same features as with the standard Echo version.